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Sensics delivers cutting-edge VR products for the world’s top organizations.
We build off-the-shelf VR products and also create customized ‘white label’ designs.
With over a decade of VR/AR expertise, we have the people, experience,
IP and technology to deliver cutting-edge products.
We are the leader in open-source VR, and the creators of the OSVR software platform, providing
nearly-universal connectivity between devices, game engines and content. Using OSVR,
we help great products get to market faster, and connect their creators to a first-rate content.
Building on the OSVR software platform,  Sensics Home for OSVR
offers a unique commerce platform for VR that benefits both users and merchants.

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A good treadmill for home use costs around $1000. A treadmill for use in a health club could be ten times more expensive. Why would club owners agree to pay so much more? Because they understand that the home equipment would not withstand the heavy use in a club. The same is true for VR […]\nThe post The Unique Requirements ...
Think about a great work of art: a classic book, a timeless painting, a symphonic masterpiece. What’s common to many of these creations? They were all the result of great suffering. Tolstoy, Van Gogh, Mozart – they did not have easy lives. Many of the greats suffered from oppression, mental or physical illness, or hunger. If you don’t […]\nThe post Suffering, Art and ...
A few weeks ago, we were approached by a VR porn site seeking a partnership. It is no secret that adult entertainment is an early adopter of many new technologies and virtual reality is no exception. We respectfully declined as we decided a long time ago that we won’t participate in this market. Besides, I’m no longer […]\nThe post Unholy Alliance appeared ...
You bought a new printer for the office. You unpack and connect it to your PC. You install its demonstration software and see the printer works well. Then, an unfortunate surprise: your word processor cannot work with this printer. You’ll need to wait until the maker of the word processor releases a new version. When will […]\nThe post Virtual Reality Standards: ...
New commerce platform and graphical user interface create holistic solution for companies entering the VR market COLUMBIA, MD, February 28, 2017 – Sensics, the developers of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced today the launch of the Sensics Home Suite, a new open platform that will make VR […]\nThe post Sensics Home Suite ...
COLUMBIA, MD, February 15, 2017 – Sensics, the developers of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), marked the second anniversary of OSVR. Founded in 2015 by Sensics and Razer, the two companies launched OSVR to create a universal open-source VR ecosystem that addresses the API fragmentation problem, encourages technological […]\nThe post OSVR Looks to ...
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Standards are important. Think about that when stop at a gas station to fill up your car. Because car makers agreed on the same fuel type and the diameter of the fuel nozzle, we don’t need different gas stations for Ford, Honda or Audi cars. Even though these cars may be different, their ability to agree […]\nThe post Sensics joins The ...
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OSVR supported titles are now playable on Steam Columbia, MD and San Francisco, CA – Co-founders of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the largest open source virtual reality consortium in the world, today announced a Steam update that provides support for OSVR content on Steam. The news means that universal VR content is now accessible through […]\nThe post OSVR Now available ...
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