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Standards are important. Think about that when stop at a gas station to fill up your car. Because car makers agreed on the same fuel type and the diameter of the fuel nozzle, we don’t need different gas stations for Ford, Honda or Audi cars. Even though these cars may be different, their ability to agree […]\nThe post Sensics joins The ...
The post VRguy podcast Episode 21: Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Basmark appeared first on Sensics.
OSVR supported titles are now playable on Steam Columbia, MD and San Francisco, CA – Co-founders of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the largest open source virtual reality consortium in the world, today announced a Steam update that provides support for OSVR content on Steam. The news means that universal VR content is now accessible through […]\nThe post OSVR Now available ...
VR goggles for public VR – amusement parks, museum exhibits, VR multiplayer rooms – have different requirements than goggles for home use. For instance, goggles for public VR should:\nBe Durable so they withstand extensive use\nBe easy to clean between users\nSupport high throughput of users through the attraction\nOffer the opportunity to integrate into existing structures such as racing helmets\nThe post 2016: ...
The post Sensics Partners with InvenSense to Bring Precise and Advanced Motion Tracking to OSVR appeared first on Sensics.
Developers can now use ATW to ensure a smooth user experience without having to take focus away from their game development COLUMBIA, MD, Oct 19th, 2016 – Sensics, the developers of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced today the addition of industry-leading Asynchronous Time-Warping (ATW) capabilities to the OSVR […]\nThe post Sensics Empowers VR ...
The post Peeking inside the Sensics Goggles for Public VR appeared first on Sensics.
A few days ago, Microsoft announced that they are starting development on experimental WebVR support in Microsoft Edge. OSVR supports WebVR in Mozilla Firefox and we hope to carry this support over to Edge. Upon reading this news, I wanted to write again about why WebVR is important. I then ran into a post by Sean […]\nThe post Why WebVR? appeared ...
WebVR is an experimental Javascript API that brings virtual reality apps to your browser. It allows running full-screen, head-tracked VR experiences without having to go through proprietary app stores. WebVR works across a variety of desktop and mobile platforms and requires minimal software pre-requisites. Just like the Web itself, WebVR allows instant sharing, embedding and publishing of […]\nThe post OSVR Comes to ...
The post VRguy podcast Episode 20: Nonny de la Pena, Co-Founder of the Emblematic Group appeared first on Sensics.
  • Happy to disclose that  @Sensics  played a critical part in making this a reality. Truly a life changer for those wit… days ago
  • Sensics joins  @thekhronosgroup  to help drive #VR standards. Our #OSVR expertise and code will help a lot. days ago
  • Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of  @BasemarkLtd  and I talk about performance benchmarking in VR. Listen in at week ago