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San Francisco, Intel Developer Forum, Aug 18, 2015 – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, today announced Intel as the newest participant in the OSVR platform. OSVR’s mission to enable Virtual Reality technology for everyone through collaboration on an entirely open platform […]
Allows developers to conveniently and inexpensively experiment with high-performance optics that are optimized for 5.5″ smartphone displays COLUMBIA, MD (Aug 17, 2015) – Sensics, the leader in open-source virtual reality and founding contributor to OSVR, announced today that it has made developer samples of its dual-element custom asphere optics available for convenient purchase on eBay. Designed by […]
1: Cross section of  Fresnel lens2. Cross section of equivlent conventional lensImage source: WikipeadiaThe use of Fresnel lenses in optical systems VR goggles is not new, but has attracted additional attention in the past year. What are Fresnel lenses and what’s good and not-so-good about using them?Fresnel lenses were invented nearly 200 years ago by Augistin-Jean Fresnel, a French physicist. ...
A few weeks ago, I met with representatives from a large multi-national defense contractor. They are looking for high-performance HMDs for a new simulator and wanted to explore some of the higher-end Sensics products.After reviewing the HMDs, the conversation turned to software. As is often the case, this company uses a special-purpose engine (as opposed to a game engine like ...
OSVR supported content will reach 800M users in China. Qihoo 36, a leading internet and mobile platform software giant, has announced their support of the OSVR platform. Qihoo 360 will be building a store for all to discover and download VR content, effectively bringing OSVR content to their 800 million users in China. In addition, […]
Academia program continues to grow with the addition of 13 new universities and research institutes SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, today announced the launch of a research portal on the OSVR Website. Led by OSVR’s academic partners, […]
Over the past two years, Sensics has been working with our customer Visionize and a group of researchers from the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University on applying the group\'s combined expertise towards creating a solution to help people with vision disabilities. The Los Angeles Times published a story today about one of the models in this line. It\'s a good opportunity to ...
New software addition opens doors to VR on the go; Latest Hacker Dev Kit with positional tracking shipping to selected developers now LOS ANGELES (E3 2015) – Organizers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, today announced that OSVR software now accommodates Android devices, further enabling mobile VR […]
Virtual reality platform grows with integration of OpenVR; new game developer and technology partners announced SAN JOSE, Calif. (SILICON VALLEY VIRTUAL REALITY 2015), May 18th, 2015 –  Razer™, a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers, and Sensics™, a leader in high-performance VR, today announced upcoming support for a number of new platforms, […]
When game engines are used for VR, they have to include many new capabilities: stereo rendering, higher frame rate, distortion correction, latency control and more. But one topic that is often overlooked is that VR game engine also have to deal with a wide variety of VR peripherals, each with their own API.A non-VR engine primarily interfaces with a game ...

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