2010: First HD1080, low-latency wireless video link

The challenge

HMDs are a personal device, but the experience is diminished when cables limit the range of movement. Wireless video links are needed, but they must not introduce any noticeable latency. Additionally, the wireless receiver should be small and power-efficient enough to allow carrying it with the user of the HMD.

The solution

work with manufacturers of real-time image video compression processors and compress their reference design to meet the desired form factor and performance requirements. A second generation also added a data link allowing configuration and head tracking data to be exchanged between the controlling computer and the HMD.

The result

high-performance wireless video links that add less than 1 mSec of end-to-end latency with resolutions up to 1080p. Multiple independent links could be used in the same environment. Receiver can be operated by iPhone-sized batteries.