2015: First open-source hardware and software VR platform

The challenge

in partnership with Razer, a global leader in products for gamers, Sensics wanted to create a high-performance, mass market HMD yet allow freedom to configure the HMD in multiple ways.  We also wanted to facilitate global hardware and software innovation, realizing the there are many people worldwide with good ideas and interesting virtual reality technologies.

The solution

an open-source HMD was created, allowing people to hack it at will and replace components as they see fit. An open-source multi-platform software environment was created to allow discovery, configuration and operation of a wide range of VR devices and operating systems. Multiple game engine plugins were created to allow exciting content to be used with the HMD.

The result

Today, over 400 technology partners have joined the OSVR initiative, including industry leaders such as Intel, Acer, Ubisoft, Valve, Vuzix, Leap Motion. Multiple contributors world-wide are working on hardware and software additions to the platform. Two versions of the OSVR open-source HDK are available for sale at many online retailers as well as on the OSVR Store. OSVR software is integrated into leading game engines and numerous HMD vendors provide OSVR support for their products.