2016: First Goggles for Public VR

The challenge

VR goggles for public VR – amusement parks, museum exhibits, VR multiplayer rooms – have different requirements than goggles for home use. For instance, goggles for public VR should:

  • Be Durable so they withstand extensive use
  • Be easy to clean between users
  • Support high throughput of users through the attraction
  • Offer the opportunity to integrate into existing structures such as racing helmets

The solution

Sensics worked with key industry partners to develop a unique solution to address these needs. This solution delivers:

  • Inexpensive detachable face mask provides easy cleaning without reducing throughput
  • Dual slient fans keeps user dry and cool inside the headset
  • Option for embedded Leap Motion controller to support hand tracking
  • High-quality optics with 100 degree field of view. Individual diopter adjustments
  • Nearly-universal game engine integration powered by the OSVR software framework

The result

The goggles are now being deployed in several high-profile sites around the world for customers that have found that regular consumer-grade goggles do not answer the unique needs of public VR.