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Columbia, MD 21046, USA
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Our Story

Dating back to the late 1990’s, Sensics has been developing and manufacturing high-performance VR products long before VR was fashionable or popular.  We wanted to enable our customers to deliver the virtual reality experiences they were dreaming about. There has never been a shortage of ideas on what people want to achieve, but the devices that could be used to display the VR content were not compelling: resolution was low, they lacked a ‘panoramic’ view and so forth.

For years, we have been creating high-end virtual reality goggles that push the technology envelope to provide the best possible viewing experience for our customers.

Today, virtual reality has evolved beyond just the display. Customers want to interact with the virtual world in many ways. They want to reach out and ‘touch’ items. They want to communicate their intent and experience the environment in multiple ways and through multiple senses. We want to enable that by allowing our customers to easily pull together the best possible sensors into one holistic experience that makes you forget you are in virtual reality.

Our products and technologies are deployed worldwide at hundreds of enterprise and academic customers which use them for a wide spectrum of training, medical, and research applications. Today, we work with leading consumer electronics vendors to help them deliver leading-edge products to consumers.

We are inventors, with a long and distinguished history of innovations. We strive to leverage our unmatched expertise and experience in virtual reality to help our customers make the best choices for them and to help them fulfill their visions of what virtual reality can deliver.

Sensics is a privately-held company based in Columbia, Maryland, about 30 minutes north of Washington, DC. Beyond this Web site, we share our thoughts on VR at conferences and informal gatherings, as well as on our CEO’s blog

Sensics co-founded the OSVR ecosystem. The OSVR software platform, designed by Sensics, allows nearly-universal cross-platform device access and graphics engine integration. Sensics continues to lead the OSVR technical efforts.

Sensics is a member of the OpenXR working group which is part of the Khronos group. At OpenXR, we work with other industry leaders towards creating and promoting VR standards. These standards are expected to accelerate the adoption of VR technologies, reduce technical fragmentation in the industry and simply the process of configuring and using VR systems.

The Team

  • Yuval Boger
    Yuval BogerVRguy and Chief Executive Officer

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  • Yaron Kaufman
    Yaron KaufmanChief Operating Officer

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  • James (Jamie) Loving
      James (Jamie) LovingChief Financial Officer

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    • Your Photo Here
        Your Photo HerePassionate about VR

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      • Greg Aring
          Greg AringGame engine engineer
        • Jeremy Bell
            Jeremy BellLead software engineer
          • Georgiy Frolov
              Georgiy FrolovSoftware engineer
            • Ryan A. Pavlik, PhD
                Ryan A. Pavlik, PhDChief Technology Officer, OSVR Platform
              • Jane Ziyayev
                  Jane ZiyayevExecutive assistant
                • Russell M. Taylor II, PhD
                    Russell M. Taylor II, PhDMember, advisory board

                  Select Customers

                  • Aegis
                  • Airbus
                  • Alcon
                  • AVT Simulation
                  • Bagira Systems
                  • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
                  • Baylor College of Medicine
                  • Boeing
                  • Brandeis University
                  • BRNO
                  • CAE
                  • Canon
                  • Carleton University
                  • Catec
                  • CATEC
                  • Clarte
                  • Close Air Solutions
                  • Cubic
                  • CXC Simulations
                  • Department of Veteran Affairs
                  • DLR
                  • Dodaam Systems LTD.
                  • DSCI
                  • EADS
                  • Elbit Systems
                  • France Telecom
                  • General Dynamics
                  • General Motors
                  • HAVELSAN
                  • Honda
                  • Honeywell
                  • Intertial Labs
                  • Johns Hopkins University
                  • JTR
                  • KAU
                  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology
                  • Karlsruhe Institue of Technology
                  • L3 Communications
                  • Laser Shot
                  • LG
                  • Lockheed Martin
                  • Maatel
                  • Maniak Experiencial
                  • Max Planck Institute
                  • MBDA
                  • McGill
                  • Mechdyne
                  • Meere Company
                  • Microsoft
                  • MITRE
                  • Motion Analysis
                  • Motion Reality
                  • Nasa
                  • NC State University
                  • National Institue for Aviation Research
                  • National Institute of Occupational Health
                  • Northrup Grumman
                  • National University of Singapore
                  • Orange
                  • Osaka University
                  • Petrobras
                  • QinetiQ
                  • Railway Technical Research Institute
                  • Raytheon
                  • Raytheon
                  • Razer
                  • RDECOM
                  • RED.ES
                  • Renault
                  • RHEINMETALL
                  • Robin Medical
                  • SAAB
                  • SAIC
                  • Samsung
                  • Sandia National Laboratories
                  • Saudi Aramco
                  • Serious Simulations
                  • Simon Fraser University
                  • Sherbrooke
                  • Siemens
                  • Sikorsky
                  • SRI International
                  • Swarthmore
                  • Telefactor Robotics
                  • Temple University
                  • Thales
                  • Universitat Bremen
                  • University of Brunswick
                  • U O
                  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
                  • UAE
                  • Universitat of Barcelona
                  • UBC
                  • Ubisoft
                  • UCL
                  • UDESC
                  • Universidad of Malaga
                  • Universidade Tecnica de Lisbon
                  • University Catholica Lusitana Portugal
                  • University fo Salford
                  • University of Texas
                  • University of Washington
                  • University of Georgia
                  • University of Maine
                  • University of Minnesota
                  • University of Prague
                  • University of Salford
                  • US Army Research
                  • United Space Alliance
                  • University of Southern California
                  • Visionize
                  • Vuzix
                  • Washington University in St. Louis
                  • WETA Digital
                  • Wilfrid Laurier University
                  • YEI Technology