Low-Latency, HD1080 Wireless Video Link

Give yourself the freedom of wireless with our high-performance wireless video link.

We believe that head-mounted displays need not be tied with a cable to a computer. To realize this vision, we offer a wireless video link that is optimized for interactive HMD use: low-latency, high-definition, and supports in-band transmission of head tracking data.

Key Benefits

Wireless Receiver and Transmitter - size_small

  • Use Sensics HMDs and emulated military equipment in an untethered fashion.
  • 1080p resolution @ 60 FPS, 1mSec end-to-end latency for seamless integration.
  • Allow greater freedom of motion and movement without the inconvenience of cables.
  • Extend the distance between image generator and HMD.
  • Simplify rapid deployment of multiple HMDs.
  • Lightweight and portable.

Key Features

  • A wireless video link that is optimized for head-mounted displays.wConnectors
  • Supports downlink transmission of head tracking information from zSight HMD to controlling computer.
  • Ultra Low latency: less than 1 mSec for video, less than 8 mSec for tracking.
  • Support for HD1080p high definition video at full 60Hz frame rates.
  • Ability to use multiple transmitter/receiver pairs simultaneously to drive multiple independent HMDs. Up to 8 full-resolution links can be operated simultaneously.
  • Available small recheageable battery option for both HMD and wireless video link. For example, battery pack for zSight HMD and wireless solution can provide uninterrupted operation for at 2 hours between charges. Batteries are small – about the size of an iPhone.
  • Simple interface: HDMI/DVI from image generator, HDMI/DVI to HMD.
  • Integrated stereo audio.
  • Does not require line of sight.


$2,000 in the US, including high-performance rechargeable battery pack, typically good for two hours of operation between changes.

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Product demos

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