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What is the relation between Sensics and Razer?

Sensics and Razer are two independent companies. Sensics focuses on VR hardware for unique applications and on open-source VR. Razer focuses on products for gamers.

Sensics and Razer co-founded the OSVR initiative. Sensics’ role was to design and build the OSVR software platform and to design key parts of the OSVR hardware (e.g. optics, FPGA code). Razer also participated in the design of various hardware parts and led the manufacturing of the OSVR HDK.

Sensics helps customers leverage OSVR by including OSVR hardware and software components in VR solutions for applications like “out of home VR”. Sensics also provides VR design and development services.

Can you help me create a VR goggle for a custom application?

Absolutely. We have created application-specific goggles for many industries including medical, defense, consumer and more. We can do this for you as well.

Sensics is uniquely positioned to help you:

  • We have invaluable experience and expertise, as we have been delivering VR solutions for over a decade. Our expertise covers pretty much all aspects of VR: system engineering, optics, electronics, software, ergonomics, mechanical design, sensors and more.
  • As co-founders of OSVR, we have access to manufacturing infrastructure, deep relationships with partners and unmatched expertise in the inner workings of OSVR. We can put these assets to work for you.
  • We have lots of technology building blocks that can help us deliver faster and with lower cost.

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can I use OSVR to connect new hardware to existing content?

Yes. OSVR ( provides, among other things, an abstraction layer for devices such as head-mounted displays, motion trackers, gesture cameras, motion platforms, eye trackers and more. What this means is that applications that use OSVR can work on devices from many different vendors. Thus, by creating an OSVR plugin, we can connect your device to many pre-existing applications. We can also help you obtain instant access to high-quality game engine plugins for most popular engines.

Which VR headset is best for me?

It depends on what is important to you. Some applications call for the widest field of view possible. Others need super-high pixel density so that you can spot small objects at a distance or see fine details. Others have stingy computing power requirements or need to be super portable. Some focus on price. Others focus on accessories.

We could go on to talk about all the options, but just contact us and we’ll help you choose the best one.

How do consumer VR technologies impact my application?

The growing popularity of consumer headsets has led to better components available at a lower cost. It also led to richer software environments (such as OSVR) and more choice for customers. In short, this is good news.

Sensics has the experience and expertise to incorporate consumer-grade components into customized applications that need to meet unique requirements.

Let us show you how you can leverage consumer-grade components for your application.