Why SmartGoggles?

Existing virtual reality goggles are mindless. They are like a monitor on your head. To fulfill the promise of virtual reality, goggles need to to be independent, so that you don’t have to be tethered a computer, tablet or phone; they should allow natural interaction so you can use them without reaching for an external input device; they should provide access to your content and applications on the go. In short, goggles need to be smarter.Natalia SmartGoggles

Enter SmartGoggles: a unique architecture and product offering that provides a new and unique experience. With SmartGoggles, you can create a new generation of 360 degree, 3D gaming and entertainment platforms.

SmartGoggles are to standard goggles what Smart Phones are to flip phones.

What are SmartGoggles?

SmartGoggles are a unique architecture for smarter, better virtual reality goggles. Delivered as a ‘system on a module’, SmartGoggles technology provides consumer electronics companies with an engine for building goggles that customers will love to use.

SmartGoggles typically include the following components:

  • A powerful application processor, typically running Android or Windows Embedded, allowing you to download, run and store applications locally – on the goggles – and take them with you.
  • A unique system for first-person hand tracking, providing natural interaction with the applications. By using hand tracking data – provided through the libSensics™ software library, application developers can use the hands to interact with 3D content, to play a 360 degree 3D game and to provide on-board user interface.
  • A virtual reality engine that provides almost everything you need to build goggles: display drivers, predictive head tracking, video processing, communications and more.

SmartGoggles are driving new types of gaming and entertainment platforms. Visit to learn more.