The Sensics piSight™ HMD line uniquely offers both panoramic field of view andhigh resolution. With its full peripheral vision, excellent visual detail and unmatched image quality, the piSight is used today in numerous applications including virtual prototyping, training, data mining and more. Sensics delivers:

  •  Panoramic field of view (82° to 180°, depending on model) provides situational awareness, active peripheral vision and enhanced realism
  • High resolution: Most models offer better than HD 1080p resolution, with up to 4200×2400 full-color pixels per eye
  • A balanced design that is comfortable and stays cool.
  • Over 30 models to choose from, offering the perfect fit for most performance and budget requirements

Other head-mounted displays on the market typically provide narrow field of view (“tunnel vision”), low resolution or both. Users wearing other HMDs suffer from limited situational awareness and lack visual cues from peripheral vision areas. Users performing tasks using low-resolution products find it difficult to observe fine details or perform delicate tasks.

Sensics products are better. Developed during nearly a decade of research sponsored by NASA and a major car manufacturer, piSight uses a patented optical design to combine images from several microdisplays into a stunning, nearly-seamless panoramic 3D visual experience.

The piSight HMD is compatible with many software packages, motion trackers, eye trackers and input devices. Check our Partners Page or Contact us to inquire about support for a specific product.

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