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@Sensics honored to be named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

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What are the unique requirements of public VR? via @rww

VR standards: too early or long overdue? New article by @OSVRguy @thekhronosgroup #openXR #OSVR #openVR

Virtual reality standards: Too early or long overdue? via @rww

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Ten new @OpenSource_VR hardware device plugins from #OSVR community members now in the project directory. . Thanks!

Room-scale tracking for any #OSVR - supported headset w/ Vive pucks. @OpenSource_VR . Runs most #SteamVR experiences

Suffering, Art and VR Standards. Technical pain and suffering motivates standard creation. @OpenXR @OpenSource_VR

Join me to discuss the unique requirements of public vr. 3pm at #SVVR2017.

@stream_diva @OpenSource_VR. Super! Join me tomorrow at 3 PM at @SVVRLIVE . A treadmill at home won't survive at a gym. Public VR is unique