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@EpsonAmerica and Sensics partner to deliver open-source framework for @MoverioNews #AugmentedReality glasses. Devs…

The new RideVR all-in-one. Built and optimized for theme parks by Sensics and VR Coaster

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Mozart meets virtual reality. How VR is and can be used for in classical music.

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Good off-the-shelf HMDs become even better with special modifications. Happy to have helped. via @tomshardware

Proud to announce our next-generation headset for out-of-home VR experiences: arcades, cinemas, themed attractions.…

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New integration of Wi-Charge wireless power technology with smart door lock as explained by Ori Mor. Bye bye batter…

Dr. Daniel Laby of Sports Vision worked with three of the last five world series winners: @astros @Cubs @RedSox to…

Lessons learned from 40+ installed VR roller coasters. Thomas Wagner of @VRcoaster and I talk about the future of V…

Glad to have helped with the #OSVR framework to allow mix-and-matching of HMDs and peripherals for VIRTUOSO

Sensics helps operators of location-based entertainment drive rapid VR HMD innovation via…