Thinking about building a white-label HMD for your customers? Consider how OSVR helps you:


For your customers

  • Excellent HMD with the ability to customize screens, optics, tracking systems and all key components.
  • Immediate access to a wide spectrum of content including SteamVR and native OSVR content.
  • Branded user experience

For your organization

  • Quick time to market with unique products.
  • Ability to build on a wide range of pre-existing IP such as optical designs. Combine your IP with ours.
  • Expert consulting and systems engineering assistance from Sensics.
  • Focus on your core competencies instead of on complex VR “software plumbing”

How it’s done

Sensics experts will work with you to understand your requirements and map out what you’d like to do yourself and where you’d like to leverage pre-existing OSVR and Sensics IP.

The process of designing custom components is described in detail here.

Contact us to learn more.