In the VRGuy’s Podcasts, our CEO hosts other CEOs, analysts, journalists and other thought leaders for 15-20 minute conversations about their VR perspectives. We focus less on breaking news and more on the bigger picture: opinion, outlook and analysis.

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Dr. Daniel Laby on Sports and Performance Vision

My guest is Dr. Daniel Laby, president of Sports Vision. We discuss the “sports vision pyramid”, the pathway from photons to sports decision making and how to improve it. We also discuss how these techniques may be applicable to driving and even to music.

Thomas Wagner on VR Roller Coasters

Thomas Wagner, CEO of VR Coaster. VR Coaster’s technology helps park operators convert traditional roller coasters into VR Coasters. Thomas and I discuss lessons learned from dozens of VR rides installed around the world.

David Oh from Meta on wide-field AR in the enterprise

My guest is David Oh, head of developer relations at Meta. We talk about wide-field AR, monitor replacements, collaboration in AR and much more.

Kevin Williams on new trends in out-of-home VR

My guest today is Kevin Williams of KWP Consulting. Interview transcript appears below the media player. This episode was recorded on Sep 5th, 2017. Kevin and I have spoken 18 months ago on the out-of-home VR industry and this is an opportunity to cover a lot of the new trends that have developed since

Jason Jerald, Principal Consultant at NextGen Interactions

Jason and I talk about VR sickness, precision input, and design tradeoffs in VR interactions.

Nick Whiting, Technical Director of AR/VR/XR at Epic Games

Nick and I talk about Robo Recall, the unique challenges of VR and AR for game engines, what Epic learned from enterprise customers and much more

Neil Trevett, VP at NVIDIA and President of the Khronos Group

Neil and I talk about VR/AR standards, overlapping standards organizations and what’s the best way for companies to get involved.

Wanda Meloni, CEO and Principal Analyst at M2 Advisory

Wanda and I talk about current market trends, verticals that can see early success in VR and the “million dollar question”: how to make money in VR.

Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Basemark

Tero and I talk about performance measurement in VR: what can be measured, how it’s measured and what future measurements are coming

Nonny de la Pena, co-founder of the Emblematic Group

Recorded in Aug 2016, Nonny and I talk about the technology, the ethics, and the future of immersive journalism

Dio Gonzalez, Principal Software Engineer at Unity Labs

Recorded in July 2016, Dio and I talk about selecting game engines for VR, about the type of companies that will drive innovation, in-VR editors and much more.

Shaun Williams, CEO of MAG Studios on VR game design

Recorded in June 2016, Shaun and I talk about what it takes to design and create a game for VR, controls and gameplay in VR, exclusivity and much more.

Matt Peckham, video game critic for TIME

Recorded in June 2016, Matt and I talk about when VR games are preferred to non-VR games, about platform exclusivity, and much more.

Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency on free-roam VR

Recorded In June 2016, Tim and I talk about how out-of-home VR is different from culture to culture, about whether vendors need to be vertically integrated – e.g. develop most items themselves, about how gamers react to out-of-home VR in a different way than non-gamers

Jens Christensen, former CEO of JauntVR on 360 and 3D video in VR

Recorded in June, 2016, Jens and I talk about the differences between consumer and professional 3D/360 degree cameras, where value is and will be in the video workflow, lessons he has learned from non-VR markets and more.

Prof. Russel Taylor, creator of VRPN

Recorded in June 2016, Russ and I talk about the evolution of open source frameworks for VR – starting from the very early days, to VRPN some 20 years ago up to modern frameworks such as OSVR.

Dr. Christian Lange, CSO of Ergoneers

Recorded in May 2016, Christian and I talk about why eye trackers are so expensive, about why they are difficult to build. He tells about some of the coolest applications he saw as shares his thoughts on the future of eye tracking.

Bernadette Jiwa, best-selling marketing expert

Recorded in May 2016, Bernadette and I talk about the opportunities and risks for using VR in marketing campaigns as well as the about perfecting the complete VR experience.

Greg Merril, CEO of Yost Labs

Recorded in April 2016, Greg and I talk about the complexities in building single and full-body sensor systems, on whether these sensors will be embedded in regular garments and much more.

Anush Elangovan, CEO and Founder of Nod Labs.

Recorded in April, 2016 Anush and I talk about understanding human intent through gestures and the evolution of hand controls for VR

Jason Perlow, ZDNet

Recorded in April 2016, Jason and I talk about a wide range of topics from the social impact of VR, VR for non-Windows systems, VR on the cloud and more.

Adi Robertson, The Verge

Recorded in March 2016, Adi and I talk about the next hurdle to conquer in VR experiences, about low-, medium- and high-end VR, about the impact of Google Glass on the development of augmented reality solutions and much more.

Layla Mah, CEO of InsightfulVR

Recorded in March 2016, Layla and I discuss what GPUs can do and cannot do with video, audio and haptics. We talk about the evolution of the graphics architecture, VR standards for rendering and more.

Sam Rosen, ABI Research

Recorded in March 2016, Sam and I discuss mid-range pricing for VR, how enterprises might use AR in customer-facing activities and more.

Francesco Radicati, Ovum

Recorded in March 2016, Francecso and I discuss form factors for mobile VR, where VR will be used at home, the parallels between Web, Mobile and VR and more

J.P. Gownder, Forrester Research

Recorded in Mar '16, J.P. and I discuss the Crossover Between Enterprise and Consumer Markets and many other topics

Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix

Recorded Feb '16. Paul and I discuss the evolution of AR and VR headsets in both the enterprise and consumer worlds. In thijs comprehensive discussion, we talk about optical technologies and what it would take to achieve mass AR adoption, about whether wider field of view is always better and many other topics.

Kevin Williams of KWP consulting

Recorded Jan '16. Kevin and I discuss using virtual reality technology for digital out of the home entertainment such as theme parks. Can consumer HMDs be used for commercial uses? Are there special requirements? Are there existing installations of public VR and much more.

Ben Lang, co-founder and Executive Editor of RoadToVR

Recorded Dec '15. Among other topics, Ben and I discuss what he expects to see in CES 2016, what’s the next thing that is holding VR back and the range of VR price points.