Home Suite for OSVR

Sensics Home Suite for OSVR is a software suite that makes the OSVR experience intuitive, safe and exciting. It is free for end-users. The Home Suite includes:

  • Home. An in-VR experience that helps enjoy existing content and discover new one.
  • Protector™. An always-on utility that helps the user stay within the play area and avoid walls or other obstacles.
  • Notification engine. Displays in-VR notifications such as incoming phone calls and text messages and allows the user to manage them.
  • In-app menu. Provides common functions such as volume control for all OSVR apps.
  • Out-of-VR configuration utility allows customizing configuration to the equipment and needs of the user.

Sensics Home Suite works with any OSVR-supported device including dozens of HMDs and hundreds of tracking systems, controllers and other peripherals.

Free for end users, the Sensics Home Suite is designed to be licensed and customized by interested vendors. Customization might include:

  • Branding.
  • Selection of back-end store for content acquisition and delivery.
  • Integration with other devices, content and services.

Contact us to learn how the Sensics Home Suite can be adapted to your particular needs.

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