OEM Display Controllers

We offer field-tested designs that can serve as the heart of smart near-to-eye systems. We deliver high quality modules that are OEM-ready, fairly priced, and include stable APIs.

OLED Microdisplay Controllers

We offer

  • Miniature board for single SXGA microdisplay, perfect for emulated optical devices
  • Control board for dual SXGA OLED microdisplays
  • Compact control board for dual WUXGA OLED microdisplays, perfect for HMDs

Key features:

  • Supports multiple input resolutions
  • Look up table, gamma and contrast settings
  • On-board video processing FPGA that offers unique functionality and customization opportunities.Option for integrated 9-sensor motion tracker
  • Ability to read switches and knobs and report over USB
  • USB interface for control over display parameters and firmware upgrade
  • Lower power, suitable for battery operation

LCD and OLED Flat-panel controllers

We offer:

  • Control board for single HD1080 LCD and OLED panels.
  • Dual-input control board for dual HD1080 LCD and OLED panels.
  • Support for Sharp, LG and AUO panels. Other panels can be added.

Key features:

  • Single or dual HDMI inputs
  • Audio output
  • Option for integrated 9-sensor tracker
  • Ability to support 1080×1920 (native resolution) or 1920×1080 (real-time 90 degree rotation)
  • On-board video processing FPGA capable of unique video transformations
  • USB interface for control and firmware upgrade
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