OSVR : Open-Source Virtual Reality

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OSVR™ – Open Source Virtual Reality – is an ecosystem co-founded by Sensics.

The OSVR software platform – envisioned, designed and built by Sensics – is a multi-OS middleware layer that connects applications and game engines to hundreds of VR devices using a common universal interface.

The Hacker Developer Kit, a cost-effective headset and reference design is part of the OSVR offering and fully supported by it.

This thriving OSVR ecosystem – now including nearly 400 partners including Intel, Leap Motion, JauntVR and Valve – enables choice and innovation for those deploying VR. OSVR supports the full range deployment scenarios: from simple to sophisticated .

Sensics Home for OSVR provides an intuitive user interface that makes VR simpler, safer and more extensible.

Sensics is the OSVR co-founder and the architect of its software platform. Because we designed major parts of OSVR , Sensics is in a unique position to help you fulfill your VR/AR goals using support OSVR-based projects, enhancements and customization, such as:

  • VR architecture and system engineering services to help leverage OSVR for a particular need
  • Integration of new peripherals into OSVR
  • Assistance in porting the OSVR software to new platforms
  • Custom hardware and software development to specialized applications such as entertainment and medical.
  • Premium support

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Sensics, a pioneer in VR technology, has been instrumental in their support to aid Vuzix in the adoption of the OSVR Framework allowing us to offer more gamers the opportunity to experience cutting edge VR-Gaming tools and technology. Vuzix values the partnership with Sensics, and is extremely pleased with their expertise and quality of work.Paul Travers
Paul TraversPresident and CEO, Vuzix Corporation
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