RideVR Android-based All-In-One

Public VR installations – VR arcades, VR cinemas, VR fitness, VR roller-coasters – need solutions beyond regular consumer goggles. Just like a treadmill for home use won’t be a good fit in the gym, consumer goggles don’t address key issues with high-volume use.

With the these unique requirements in mind, Sensics collaborated with VR Coaster to design RideVR, an all-in-one solution optimized for roller coasters and other theme park installations.

"Our work with dozens of theme parks led us to define exactly what we need from a great headset. We found the perfect partner in Sensics to work with us to create this headset".Thomas Wagner
Thomas WagnerCEO, VR Coaster
Sensics is the only virtual reality device company taking out-of-home VR seriously. We are at a tipping point. The VR wave will break in the out-of-home space first, and this partnership is just the start.Tim Ruse
Tim RuseCEO, Zero Latency

Deliver a WOW experience

Guests often come to attractions to experience something they cannot experience at home. A key part of the VR experience is the visual quality. We use higher-resolution screens than those found in consumer headsets.

We offer 2880 x 1600 resolution as compared with the typical 2160 x 1200. That is 70% more pixels and substantially reduced screen-door effect. Click on the image to zoom and see the details.


Support operational efficiency and hygiene

Our patent-pending detachable head strap allows guests to don and adjust the passive strap while waiting to start the experience.  The active part of the VR goggles can then be snapped in place when the guest is ready to start the experience. This not only saves time and “keeps the trains moving” but also allows supports attractions where different sizes or shapes of masks are desired.

The inexpensive face mask itself is made of hypo-allergenic material that is machine washable. It can be quickly detached from the head strap by the operator. An attraction can decide to stock dozens or hundreds of masks for every set of goggles. This offers several operational strategies such as:

  • Wipe the mask between guests
  • Permanently discard the mask between guests
  • Discard the mask and then sanitize all masks at the end of the day

Keep it cool, dry and focused

VR experiences can be intense. Customers sweat, and the environment might be humid. The optics in ordinary goggles sometimes fog up, forcing a break in the action.

Our goggles include dual silent fans that keep the optics dry and the guest comfortable. The arrows in the diagram show their air vents (one in each side) and the holes through which it flows.

Additionally, simple optical focus adjustments help guests experience content as sharply as it was meant to be experienced.

Smart sensor integration

As great as the visual experience is, sensors and peripherals complete the experience.

A 1000 Hz 9-sensor module provides low-latency orientation readings. Hundreds of positional tracking systems are also compatible with RideVR. We also plan for integration of third-party inside-out tracking modules once they become available.

We offer optional embedding of the Leap Motion sensor for hand and finger tracking.

A wide range of exciting content

RideVR runs Android and includes a powerful processor and GPU. A Unity plugin, native Unreal Engine support and compatibility with most other engines allows creating your own exciting content.

The headset is also supported by the OSVR open-source framework and the hundreds of compatible sensors and peripherals.

Key Specifications

  • 2880 x 1600 resolution supporting 90 FPS, 75 FPS and 60 FPS. Choose your refresh rate based on processing and content considerations.
  • Android N operating systems with Unity and Unreal plugins. Full control over OS image.
  • Rechargeable batteries, separate from processing unit. Designed for rapid replacement.
  • High-quality optics with 100 degree field of view. Focus adjustments.
  • Inexpensive detachable head strap facilitates high throughput.
  • Hygenic, hypo-allergenic, machine-washable face mask.
  • Dual silent fans keeps user dry and cool inside the headset.
  • Built-in low-latency orientation tracker. Compatible with numerous position tracking systems
  • Support asynchronous time warp.

Integrated audio

  • High-quality over-the-ear headphones
  • Wipeable surfaces
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