VRPN (Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network)

VRPN (Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network) is a device-independent and network-transparent system for accessing virtual reality peripherals in VR applications. It was originally designed and implemented by Prof. Russell Taylor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prof. Taylor is a member of the Sensics advisory board.

VRPN is now maintained and supported by Sensics and developed in collaboration with a productive community of contributors. VRPN is also used extensively as part of OSVR, the open-source virtual reality software platform.

The purpose of VRPN is to provide a unified interface to input devices, like motion trackers or joystick controllers. It supports hundreds of devices and has become the de-facto standard in industrial control of VR devices.

You can learn more about VRPN at vrpn.org

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