zSight-FL : Professional Helmet-Mounted HMD

The zSight-FL™ is a helmet-mounted display. It is a professional-grade HMD with high-resolution SXGA OLED displays, 60-degree optics providing high pixel density, low power consumption and integrated tracker, stereo audio and microphone. It has automatic configuration that makes it a truly ‘plug-and-play’ professional display product.

The zSight-FL mounts on a wide range of military helmets, and it is a popular solution for training and simulation applications. Hundreds of units have been deployed in demanding military training applications.

We offer the zSight in two configurations: helmet-mounted and regular

Key specifications
  • Field of view: 60° diagonal
  • Resolution: dual 1280×1024 OLED displays, one per eye
  • Helmet-mounted using standard NVG mount
  • Video inputs: 2 mini-HDMI. Works in three modes: one input per eye, one duplicated input, one side-by-side input
  • Supported input resolutions: 1280×1024, 1280×720 per eye
  • Integrated 9-sensor orientation tracker
  • Supported by the OSVR software stack which includes plugins for Unity, Unreal and many other game engines
Demonstration videos

The zSight-FL is deployed as part of the VCTS trainer:

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