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zSight 1920
piSight tiled HMD
Emulated binoculars
OSVR open-source Hacker Developer Kit
zSight 810 mil-spec HMD
dSight dual-1080p panoramic HMD


Yuval Boger
Yuval Boger wearing Sensics SmartGoggles and using hand tracking

Yuval Boger, CEO

Yuval (“VRguy”) joined Sensics in 2006 to help take VR from the lab to the market. Nearly a decade later, he brings his unique technical and market expertise to works with consumer electronics, industrial and academic leaders to help them shape the art of the possible in VR. He is a key architect of OSVR, the open-source virtual reality initiative, and a frequent presenter at conferences.

Before Sensics, Yuval was CEO of Oblicore, an enterprise software company (now part of Computer Associates), CEO of Unwired Express, a provider of context-sensitive wireless data platform, General Manager and Vice President at RADCOM [NASDAQ: RDCM], and co-founder of Talia Technology, a medical diagnostic company. Prior to his commercial work, he had a distinguished 8-year military career.

Yuval received a Master’s of Physics degree at Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Yuval shares his thoughts about VR technology and the VR market at his popular blog

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