Sensics and Oasis VR Create a Unique Network of VR Facilities

OasisUsageCOLUMBIA, MD, June 2, 2016 – Sensics, the developer of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced today that OSVR has enabled a new approach to VR experiences. Oasis VR, a San Francisco-based startup developing a network of premium VR facilities providing experiential content, is using the OSVR platform to build out their core VR system.

Visitors to one of Oasis VR’s facilities will be able to experience virtual reality without the restriction of owning their own device. Unlike the out-of-home interactive VR experiences currently available to the general public, Oasis VR users will have access to single-user systems in their own 20 by 20 foot spaces, with the option to have an experience by themselves or join others in a virtual environment for a shared experience.
The founder of Oasis VR, Josh Taylor, originally set out to build the Oasis VR experience himself, until he discovered OSVR. The flexibility of the hardware and software turned out to be essential for Oasis VR.

“OSVR enables Oasis VR to upgrade and improve easily, so we can always provide our users with the best content available,” said Josh Taylor, CEO of Oasis VR. “Without OSVR, this would get extremely expensive. But, by partnering with OSVR, we will be able to move faster towards our mission of making any experience accessible.”

Sensics architected OSVR with the vision of empowering game developers and Oasis-OSVRconsumers to test the boundaries of virtual reality, without having to worry about the constraints of a given device.  It also allows developers to focus on their particular area of expertise, and let all other pieces of the ecosystem be handled by OSVR and the OSVR partners. OSVR is a universal platform for developers creating VR headsets or designing VR experiences. OSVR opens VR to everyone; making it easy to create compelling cross-platform VR experiences that offer universal device support.
“With OSVR, Sensics helps VR developers make the impossible, possible,” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and co-founder of OSVR. “Oasis VR found the support and inspiration they needed with OSVR and we are glad to support them to enable the next generation of arcades to be powered by OSVR.”

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About Sensics

Sensics provides technologies, products and expertise that brings companies’ VR dreams to life, offering them the missing pieces needed to develop groundbreaking solutions faster. Sensics delivers high-performance off-the-shelf products and also collaborates on customized “white label” designs, working with the most innovative technology partners in the world to develop VR experiences for gaming, healthcare, entertainment, training, education and more.

About OSVR

OSVR™ – Open Source Virtual Reality – is an ecosystem founded by Sensics and Razer towards creating the best possible game experience. The OSVR software platform, is a cross-platform middleware layer that connects applications and game engines to hundreds of VR display, input and out devices using a common universal interface. This thriving global ecosystem enables choice and innovation for those deploying VR for the most sophisticated applications to the simplest scenarios.

About Oasis VR

Oasis VR is developing a high-end, fully immersive virtual reality system to make any experience as real as possible. These systems will be hosted in a network of facilities that enable commercial and entertainment experiences in a controlled environment. Oasis VR’s goal is to maximize the VR experience while keeping VR accessible.


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