Sensics joins The Khronos Group to help drive an open standard for VR

Fuel_doorStandards are important. Think about that when stop at a gas station to fill up your car. Because car makers agreed on the same fuel type and the diameter of the fuel nozzle, we don’t need different gas stations for Ford, Honda or Audi cars. Even though these cars may be different, their ability to agree on some standards have made things easier for everyone.

As VR approaches mainstream, we see the need to create open standards for virtual reality as well. That’s why we are joining The Khronos Group to work alongside other industry leaders (such as AMD, Epic, Google, Intel, NVIDIA, Oculus, Razer and Valve) to create such a standard.

Read the press release on this new VR Standards Initiative here

Key components of the new standard will include APIs for tracking of headsets, controllers and other objects, and for rendering to a diverse set of display hardware. This standard will enable applications to be portable to any conforming VR system, significantly enhancing the end-user experience, and driving widespread availability of content to spur further growth in the VR market.

We’d like to believe that we bring lots of invaluable experience to the Khronos effort:

  • Our expertise in building HMDs for over a decade: from super-high-end devices to our major role in designing the consumer OSVR HDK
  • Our team’s lessons learned from building and maintaining VRPN. VRPN is the de-facto standard for device-independent and network-transparent peripherals access in VR applications. VRPN is embedded into many products and is used in numerous industrial and academic installations.
  • Our experience in creating the architecture and building the OSVR software platform, part of the world’s largest open-source VR ecosystem.

Both VRPN and OSVR are open-sourced so we believe we could contribute a lot of working, tested code.

The explosion of VR devices on the market has been thrilling to see but has created challenges for developers, manufactures and consumers when it comes to creating systems that connect and keep pace with innovation. When Sensics co-founded the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) effort, the goal was to create order from the chaos and help the industry break through to the mainstream. We look forward to assisting the members of The Khronos Group in defining the standard.

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