Sensics and LAPUTA VR Team Up to Provide OSVR Support for LAPUTA VR Devices

COLUMBIA, MD, July 19, 2016 – Today, Sensics, the developer of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced a partnership with LAPUTA VR to build an OSVR plug-in for the company’s LAPUTA HERO VR devices.

“Deciding which software platform best fit our hardware devices was easy,” said Jing Qin, CEO, LAPUTA VR. “Open source is the future of virtual reality, and OSVR was the only solution that would fit the flexible needs of our devices. Most other VR platforms are limiting, preventing developers and manufacturers from being innovative. Open platforms like OSVR will accelerate the VR industry, and we are excited to be collaborating with Sensics to integrate OSVR into LAPUTA VR devices. ”

Jing Qin, founded LAPUTA VR in 2014 while he was a student at Hainan University School of Information. He grew up with a passion for computers, learning how to program in high school and he set on a mission to create his own high-end VR hardware. The first LAPUTA VR prototype, LAPUTA HERO, was released earlier this year in China.

Designing the hardware for LAPUTA HERO products was only Jing’s first step. LAPUTA VR needed VR software that was flexible and fit their vision for LAPUTA HERO devices. Integration with OSVR empowers LAPUTA VR with plug-ins for all major game engines, including Unity, Unreal, WebVR, SteamVR and CryEngine. With access to more game engines, developers will have a seamless time creating content for LAPUTA VR. OSVR also provides LAPUTA VR with an optimized set of VR utilities that are critical for high performance and low-latency VR, and gives them access to a wealth of existing OSVR content.

Sensics architected OSVR with the vision of empowering game developers and consumers to test the boundaries of VR, without having to worry about the constraints of a given device. It also allows developers to focus on their particular area of expertise, letting all other pieces of the ecosystem be handled by the OSVR community and the OSVR partners. OSVR is a universal platform for developers creating VR headsets or designing VR experiences. OSVR opens VR to everyone; making it easy to create compelling cross-platform VR experiences that offer universal device support.

“We are happy to partner with LAPUTA VR to provide support and continued innovation through the OSVR platform,” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and co-founder of OSVR. “As one of the first companies in China to integrate real-time hand tracking, real-time location tracking and real-time body motion tracking, we see great potential for LAPUTA VR to utilize OSVR to create incredible experiences.”


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