Sensics Partners With DAQRI, Adding AR to OSVR

Collaboration Blends Physical and Virtual Worlds 

COLUMBIA, MD, Mar 28, 2016 – Sensics, the developer of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), announced today a new collaboration with ARToolKit (recently acquired by DAQRI), which will fuel virtual and augmented reality (AR) innovation. Users of OSVR, a software platform architected by Sensics, now have access to the world’s most popular library for AR application development.

“Expanding the capabilities of VR has been our focus for more than a decade, and AR is a powerful tool in this effort.” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and co-founder of OSVR. “The OSVR software platform frees VR developers from having to worry about the API particulars of any given device. ARToolKit empowers developers of AR experiences the same way. We are thrilled to be partnering with DAQRI and look forward to watching new innovations unfold.”

The partnership allows developers to inject an extra dose of reality into virtual experiences. Cameras and sensors use real world markers to identify physical objects, and then developers can use the ARToolKit applications to recreate these inside the virtual world. This allows gamers to interact with physical objects, improving the overall immersive experience.

“Together, ARToolKit and OSVR are accelerating the AR and VR industries,” said Ben Vaughan, chief open source evangelist, DAQRI. “We’re excited to partner with Sensics not only to tap into OSVR’s broad reach and popularity, but also to actively support another open-source platform that is advancing the future of AR and VR.”

About Sensics

Sensics provides technologies, products and expertise that brings companies’ VR dreams to life, offering them the missing pieces needed to develop groundbreaking solutions faster. Sensics delivers high-performance off-the-shelf products and also collaborates on customized “white label” designs, working with the most innovative technology partners in the world to develop VR experiences for gaming, healthcare, entertainment, training, education and more.


DAQRI is the world’s leading enterprise AR company powering the future of work through innovative hardware and software products. Named BGR’s “Top 12 Most Innovative Things We Saw at CES,” DAQRI’s flagship product, DAQRI SMART HELMET, is improving efficiency and safety for workers on the job and providing unparalleled cost savings for Fortune 500 companies in industrial and manufacturing settings. DAQRI is headquartered in Los Angeles with an R&D facility in Sunnyvale, CA and a development center in Dublin, Ireland.

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