Sensics releases next-generation VR headset for arcades, cinemas and other out-of-home VR experiences

Delivers premium image quality, hygiene, high throughput and durability for location-based VR attractions

COLUMBIA, Md., Aug. 30 2017  — Sensics, the leader in special-purpose VR, announced a new headset for public VR experiences. It combines a “WOW”-level image quality with unique features for operators of VR attractions.

Public VR attractions – VR arcades, amusement parks, cinemas   – need special VR solutions. Just like a treadmill at home is not suitable for a gym, consumer goggles fail to address key needs of public VR. Headsets in location-based VR need to be durable, hygienic, and support high guest throughput. Moreover, guests expect a VR experience superior to what they can get at home.

Sensics incorporated input from key “out-of-home VR” customers. The result is a patent-pending headset with unique benefits:

  • A WOW visual experience. The headset’s 2880×1600 resolution provides 70% more pixels than consumer headsets. The increased resolution and higher pixel density provides premium image quality. The headset updates the image 90 times a second, but can also work with lower frame rate as required by the host PC. The infamous “screen door effect” is also diminished.
  • Operational efficiency. The unique detachable head strap allows guests to adjust the strap while waiting in line.  The active part of the VR goggles can then snap in place when the guest is ready to start the experience. This increases throughput as compared with adjusting once the experience is about to start.
  • Hygiene. The inexpensive face mask is hypo-allergenic, reusable and machine washable. Operators can replace it with a fresh mask as often as desired, in line with the operational strategy. Guests do not need to worry about sweat or other facial residue from previous users. Used masks can be set aside and sanitized all together at the end of the day.
  • Increased comfort. VR experiences can be intense, and customers often sweat. Dual silent fans keep the optics dry and prevents fogging. Guests remain cool and comfortable without needing to break immersion to wipe the lenses.
  • Smart sensor integration. Embedded position, hand and finger sensors from key vendors are available as an option. This enhances the VR experience while reducing the number of cables. The public VR headset also works with hundreds of peripherals including wide-area tracking systems.
  • A wide range of exciting content. The public VR headset is compatible with most third-party VR experiences. Software plugins for all major game engines including Unity and Unreal are also available.

The new headset builds on the successful first generation model. It incorporates higher-resolution screens and significant improvements based on customer feedback.

“Our public VR products help operators deliver a premium guest experience,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics.  “There is no longer a need to accept the limitations of existing consumer products. Customers expect unique out-of-home VR experience. Sensics helps operators deliver the magic of VR at a higher level.”

Sample quantities of the goggles for Public VR are now available at Large quantities will ship later this year. Contact Sensics for quantity discounts and configuration options.

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