Sensics releases survey results regarding cost-conscious Mil-Spec HMDs

In December 2016, short survey questionnaires were emailed to hundreds of VR professionals with ties to defense training and simulation space. It was designed to assess the need for cost-conscious VR goggles that could meet some of the MIL-STD-810G environmental requirements.

This survey was triggered by the success of using consumer VR components in goggles designed for the more demanding environments of public VR.

For example, survey participants were asked “It may be that not all MIL STD 810G requirements are important for such a Mil-spec VR goggle. For each of the requirements below, please indicate how important it is to such a product.”

The importance scale was from 1 to 4 where:

  1. Not important at all
  2. Somewhat important
  3. Important
  4. Very important

Results, sorted from most important to least important were:






The results of the survey are now available for free download


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