Sensics Unveils OSVR HDK 2 Upgrade Kit for OSVR HDK 1.3 and 1.4


HDK owners can now upgrade to OSVR HDK 2 at a fraction of the cost in minutes

HDK2-0-electronicsHDK2-0-screensCOLUMBIA, MD, August 3, 2016 – Sensics, the developer of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), today announced the availability of a DIY upgrade kit for users of the OSVR Hacker Development Kit (HDK). Exclusively available from Sensics through the new Sensics OSVR Store, the DIY upgrade kit enables anyone to upgrade a HDK 1.3 or HDK 1.4 to the newest version of the OSVR HDK 2 without having to purchase an entirely new kit.

The OSVR software platform – designed by Sensics – connects applications and game engines to hundreds of VR devices using a common universal interface, making it easy to create compelling cross-platform VR experiences with universal device support. Last month, in partnership with Razer, Sensics launched the OSVR HDK 2, the second version of the popular OSVR Razer HDK. The OSVR HDK 2 uses two high-quality screens, giving it a 2160 x 1200 resolution comparable to the most sought after VR headsets on the market, and at a significantly lower cost. With the new DIY upgrade kit, in less than 20 minutes users of the original OSVR Razer HDK can now upgrade to the incredible quality of the OSVR HDK2 for just $220.

“We are committed to inspiring innovation among the VR developer community, and are thrilled to be making high-quality VR more accessible to all,” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and co-founder of OSVR. “The OSVR community wanted a way to upgrade the original HDK, and we listened. The HDK 2 upgrade kit gives developers the latest and greatest features at half the cost and is a great example of how OSVR democratizes VR for all.”

The OSVR HDK 2 is available exclusively through the newly launched Sensics OSVR Store. The OSVR store offers goggles, accessories, optics and trackers to everyone involved in VR; from gaming enthusiasts, to professional developers driving innovation in the market. The website also serves as a new online marketplace for VR vendors to showcase their innovations and will serve as a hub of VR knowledge for the community. To visit and contribute to the Sensics OSVR store, visit

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