Public VR installations – VR arcades, VR cinemas, VR fitness, VR roller-coasters – need solutions beyond regular consumer goggles. Just like a treadmill for home use won’t be a good fit in the gym, consumer goggles don’t address key issues such as hygiene, operational efficiency and durability.

In collaboration with major operators and vendors in this space, Sensics designed products to precisely address the unique requirements of high-throughput installations. Our products come in two main versions:

PC-based Public VR

These goggles – typically used with a backpack PC – take full advantage of the graphics power and peripheral option of modern PCs. They receive power and video signals from the PC. They are often used in multi-player free-roam experiences.

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All-in-One Public VR

These are self-contained, battery-operated units that use the Android operating systems.  They are preferred when using backpack PCs is not applicable, or when an integrated and portable solution is desired. They are often the preferred solution for VR roller coaster applications.

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"Our work with dozens of theme parks led us to define exactly what we need from a great headset. We found the perfect partner in Sensics to work with us to create this headset".Thomas Wagner
Thomas WagnerCEO, VR Coaster
Sensics is the only virtual reality device company taking out-of-home VR seriously. We are at a tipping point. The VR wave will break in the out-of-home space first, and this partnership is just the start.Tim Ruse
Tim RuseCEO, Zero Latency