Volkswagen 4DX Simulator with zSight HMD

 Our customer Maniak Experiencial delivered an interactive exhibit for Volkswagen. In this exhibit, a futuristic car was placed in shopping malls, and treated visitors to an exciting driving simulator using the zSight HMD

Enjoy the gallery from this exhibit below and then the description by Maniak Experiencial



V4DX Volkswagen is the result in seeking to offer consumers a different driving experience. Something that allows you to escape from the routine of daily life on a journey through a stunning scenery in the company of the new line of Volkswagen cars. Experience the power of innovation!

Volkswagen 4DX is more than a driving simulator , it is a journey of the senses, that reinvents the way you feel the to drive a car, through the textures of the interior, the detail of the finished design, combined with the wind, gentle sound , transporting the crew to the scene of freedom on the road.

His main body is a futuristic design, seeking not represent in the fullest a car, but a machine capable of making the experience of driving a Volkswagen in environments that stimulate the senses and allow yourself to be a showcase of reality to discovery how far a car can take you .

The hand-made inside, highlights the simplicity and depth of its black wheel, decorated in perfect balance between fine fabrics and carbon fiber.

The driving experience becomes immersive, with the support of technology lenses that offers 120 ° viewing angle of a real environment, fully moving it to another place to venture in the experience.

His final touch lies in the platform free from 2 degrees of movement , that recreate the forces experienced by the person driving the vehicle , changing the inclination in milliseconds can feel the vibration , acceleration and deceleration on the course .

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